About Us

Simply Free is a Gluten and Wheat Free online store.

As the founder and also Coeliac myself I grew frustrated and disillusioned at the empty shelves and lack of choice in my local shops. I decided that something needed to be done to start to offer Coeliac's throughout the country a choice of quality, tasty foods in one easy to use store. I decided to speak to other Coeliacs and wheat intolerant friends about what products they most enjoyed and found very difficult to buy. After spending time talking to suppliers I decided upon certain quality products that I wanted to supply and Simply Free was born.

Simply Free offers a range of quality products sourced from around the country all under one roof that can be delivered directly to your home. We are always adding new products and enjoy working with new suppliers too increase your choice. If however, your favourite item is not online, tell us. We will try too source it for you. sales@simply-free.co.uk 


Simply Free's Mission Statement 


"We will consistently deliver a high quality service, providing food intolerant customers a range of seriously tasty products at the right price directly to your door."


 I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Louise Skelton